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FLEXnet Licensing Error Codes

To troubleshoot a fault in license access or distribution it is important
to be aware of the FLEXlm error codes and their descriptions.
Using the code descriptions, quick determination will be made
of conditions affecting license files, options files, and license server
systems configuration and hardware.

FLEXnet Licensing Error Codes    Error Code  Description  
-1  Cannot find license file.  
-2  Invalid license file syntax.  
-3  No license server system for this feature.  
-4  Licensed number of users already reached.  
-5  No such feature exists.  
-6  No TCP/IP port number in license file and FLEXnet Licensing service does not exist. (pre-v6 only)  
-7  No socket connection to license server manager service.  
-8  Invalid (inconsistent) license key or signature. The license key/signature and data for the feature do not match. This usually happens when a license file has been altered.  
-9  Invalid host. The hostid of this system does not match the hostid specified in the license file.  
-10  Feature has expired.  
-11  Invalid date format in license file.  
-12  Invalid returned data from license server system.  
-13  No SERVER lines in license file.  
-14  Cannot find SERVER host name in network database. The lookup for the host name on the SERVER line in the license file failed. This often happens when NIS or DNS or the hosts file is incorrect. Workaround: Use IP address (e.g., 123.456.789.123) instead of host name.  
-15  Cannot connect to license server system. The server (lmgrd) has not been started yet, or the wrong port@host or license file is being used, or the TCP/IP port or host name in the license file has been changed.  
-16  Cannot read data from license server system.  
-17  Cannot write data to license server system.  
-18  License server system does not support this feature.  
-19  Error in select system call.  
-21  License file does not support this version.  
-22  Feature checkin failure detected at license server system.  
-23  License server system temporarily busy (new server connecting).  
-24  Users are queued for this feature.  
-25  License server system does not support this version of this feature.  
-26  Request for more licenses than this feature supports.  
-29  Cannot find ethernet device.  
-30  Cannot read license file.  
-31  Feature start date is in the future.  
-32  No such attribute.  
-33  Bad encryption handshake with vendor daemon.  
-34  Clock difference too large between client and license server system.  
-35  In the queue for this feature.  
-36  Feature database corrupted in vendor daemon.  
-37  Duplicate selection mismatch for this feature. Obsolete with v8.0+ vendor daemon.  
-38  User/host on EXCLUDE list for feature.  
-39  User/host not on INCLUDE list for feature.  
-40  Cannot allocate dynamic memory.  
-41  Feature was never checked out.  
-42  Invalid parameter.  
-47  Clock setting check not available in vendor daemon.  

-52  Vendor daemon did not respond within timeout interval.  
-53  Checkout request rejected by vendor-defined checkout filter.  
-54  No FEATURESET line in license file.  
-55  Incorrect FEATURESET line in license file.  
-56  Cannot compute FEATURESET data from license file.  
-57  socket() call failed.  
-59  Message checksum failure.  
-60  License server system message checksum failure.  
-61  Cannot read license file data from license server system.  
-62  Network software (TCP/IP) not available.  
-63  You are not a license administrator.  
-64  lmremove request before the minimum lmremove interval.  
-67  No licenses available to borrow.  
-68  License BORROW support not enabled.  
-69  FLOAT_OK can't run standalone on license server system.  
-71  Invalid TZ environment variable.  
-73  Local checkout filter rejected request.  
-74  Attempt to read beyond end of license file path.  
-75  SYS$SETIMR call failed (VMS).  
-76  Internal FLEXnet Licensing error-please report to Macrovision Corporation.  
-77  Bad version number must be floating-point number with no letters.  
-82  Invalid PACKAGE line in license file.  
-83  FLEXnet Licensing version of client newer than server.  
-84  USER_BASED license has no specified users - see license server system log.  
-85  License server system doesn't support this request.  
-87  Checkout exceeds MAX specified in options file.  
-88  System clock has been set back.  
-89  This platform not authorized by license.  
-90  Future license file format or misspelling in license file. The file was issued for a later version of FLEXnet Licensing than this program understands.  
-91  Encryption seeds are non-unique.  
-92  Feature removed during lmreread, or wrong SERVER line hostid.  
-93  This feature is available in a different license pool. This is a warning condition. The server has pooled one or more INCREMENT lines into a single pool, and the request was made on an INCREMENT line that has been pooled.  
-94  Attempt to generate license with incompatible attributes.  
-95  Network connect to THIS_HOST failed. Change this_host on the SERVER line in the license file to the actual host name.  
-96  License server machine is down or not responding. See the system administrator about starting the server, or make sure that you're referring to the right host (see LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable).  
-97  The desired vendor daemon is down. 1) Check the lmgrd log file, or 2) Try lmreread.  
-98  This FEATURE line can't be converted to decimal format.  
-99  The decimal format license is typed incorrectly.  

-100  Cannot remove a linger license.  
-101  All licenses are reserved for others. The system administrator has reserved all the licenses for others. Reservations are made in the options file. The server must be restarted for options file changes to take effect.  
-102  A FLEXid borrow error occurred.  
-103  Terminal Server remote client not allowed.  
-104  Cannot borrow that long.  
-106  License server system out of network connections. The vendor daemon can't handle any more users. See the debug log for further information.  
-110  Cannot read dongle: check dongle or driver. Either the dongle is unattached, or the necessary software driver for this dongle type is not installed.  
-112  Missing dongle driver. In order to read the FLEXid hostid, the correct driver must be installed. These drivers are available from your software vendor.  
-114  SIGN= keyword required, but missing from license certificate. You need to obtain a SIGN= version of this license from your vendor.  
-115  Error in Public Key package.  
-116  TRL not supported for this platform.  
-117  BORROW failed.  
-118  BORROW period expired.  
-119  lmdown and lmreread must be run on license server machine.  
-120  Cannot lmdown the server when licenses are borrowed.  
-121  FLOAT_OK requires exactly one FLEXid hostid.  
-122  Unable to delete local borrow info.  
-123  Returning a borrowed license early is not supported. Contact the vendor for further details.  
-124  Error returning borrowed license.  
-125  A PACKAGE component must be specified.  
-126  Composite hostid not initialized.  
-127  A item needed for the composite hostid is missing or invalid.  
-128  Error, borrowed license doesn't match any known server license.  
-135  Error enabling the event log.  
-136  Event logging is disabled.  
-137  Error writing to the event log.  
-139  Communications timeout.  
-140  Bad message command.  
-141  Error writing to socket. Peer has closed socket.  
-142  Error, cannot generate version specific license tied to a single hostid, which is composite.  
-143  Version-specific signatures are not supported for uncounted licenses.  
-144  License template contains redundant signature specifiers.  
-145  Bad V71_LK signature.  
-146  Bad V71_SIGN signature.  
-147  Bad V80_LK signature.  
-148  Bad V80_SIGN signature.  
-149  Bad V81_LK signature.  
-150  Bad V81_SIGN signature.  
-151  Bad V81_SIGN2 signature.  
-152  Bad V84_LK signature.  
-153  Bad V84_SIGN signature.  
-154  Bad V84_SIGN2 signature.  
-155  License key required but missing from the license certificate. The application requires a license key in the license certificate. You need to obtain a license key version of this certificate from your vendor.  
-156  Invalid signature specified with the AUTH= keyword.  

-174  SUPERSEDE feature conflict. Contact your publisher for further information.
-175  Invalid SUPERSEDE_SIGN syntax. Contact your publisher for further information.
-176  SUPERSEDE_SIGN does not contain a feature name and license signature. Contact your publisher for further information.
-177  ONE_TS_OK is not supported in this Windows Platform.
-178  Internal error. Please report to Flexera Software Inc.
-179  Only one terminal server remote client checkout is allowed for this feature.
-180  Internal error. Please report to Flexera Software Inc.
-181  Internal error. Please report to Flexera Software Inc.
-182  Internal error. Please report to Flexera Software Inc.
-183  More than one ethernet hostid not supported in composite hostid definition. Contact your publisher for further information.
-184  The number of characters in the license file paths exceeds the permissible limit.
-187  The time zone information could not be obtained.
-188  License client time zone not authorized for license rights.
-190  Feature can be checked out from Physical machine only. The license specifies that it cannot be used on a virtual machine: The FlexEnabled application is installed on a virtual machine so checkout has been denied. Install the FlexEnabled application on a physical machine.  
-191  FEATURE can be checked out from Virtual machine only. The license specifies that it cannot be used on a physical machine. The FlexEnabled application is installed on a physical machine so checkout has been denied. Install the FlexEnabled application on a virtual machine.  
-192  VM platform not authorized by license. 
-193  FNP vendor keys do not support Virtualization feature. 
-194  Checkout request denied as it exceeds the MAX limit specified in the options file. 
-195  Binding agent API - Internal error. 
-196  Binding agent communication error. 
-197  Invalid Binding agent version. 
-201  Invalid IP address used while overriding. The IP address specified for the LM_A_INTERNET_OVERRIDE attribute, used to override the existing IP address, is invalid.  

-500  Invalid server port number.  
-501  Invalid value in license where an integer was expected.  
-502  Invalid value supplied for count.  
-503  Invalid hostid supplied in license.  
-504  Invalid hostid type supplied.  
-505  Bad feature line syntax.  
-506  Internal FLEXnet Licensing error.  
-507  Bad date format in license file.  
-508  Bad SERVER line.  
-509  Bad license string.  
-510  Server's feature doesn't authenticate on client side.  
-511  No license checked out.  
-512  License already checked out.  
-513  Error list returned.  
-514  No certicom module available.  
-515  Wrong or incomplete certicom module.  
-516  SIGN or SIGN2 required in license certificate.  
-517  Feature object has no license sources.  
-518  An Identical license is already checked out on this license source.  
-519  This license has an asynchronously-queued checkout pending.  
-521  Library for native hostid couldn't be loaded.  
-522  Already connected to another vendor daemon.  
-523  No such user, host, or display.  
-524  Shutdown of license server system failed.  
-525  Shutdown failed - already connected to license server system.  
-526  Invalid license source string.  
-527  Log file switch error.

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