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Both the Raster CAD Series and the Image CAD Series programs from GTX include an information resource provided by the gInfo program command. This command is accessable from the drawing screen Command line by typing gi or ginfo. There is also pull down menu access from the GTXImaging menu or by selection of an icon displayed with a lower case letter i. 


  Upon the start of a Raster CAD or Image CAD program, before an image is attached, the result of the gInfo command will appear similar to the following. Three pieces of program status information may be gathered from the result of the gInfo command at this stage. First, a successful response from the command, as displayed below, is confirmation that the GTX program is fully functional within the AutoCAD environment. Second, the program version may be determined, which is especially helpful when a mixture of installed versions are to be found. Finally, the status of the program's license mode may be concluded by the absence, or presence, of a Demonstration Mode declaration. A Demonstration Mode statement would be normal if the GTX program had been installed as an unlicensed Demonstration version. Otherwise it is a sign of licensing which is inaccessable. 

gInfo from a licensed Raster CAD Series program -


gInfo from a licensed Image CAD Series program -


gInfo in a Raster CAD Series program which is operating, unlicensed, in Demonstration Mode -


gInfo as an image editing tool -  

Once an image has been attached to the drawing screen for viewing and editing in a GTX program the gInfo command presents a list of image properties. If multiple images have been attached in the drawing screen seperate properties will be shown for each image. These details may be used to enhance accuracy and efficiency during edits of an image.


A Formula -

 Resolution and Image scale properties may be used in a fomula which aids in control of raster editing results. This formula is particularly useful in determining line widths for raster lines, arcs, or circles, or the measurement of speckles to be removed by the despeckling command. The basic formula is, the Image Scale unit (inch or millimeter) divided by the resolution value (dots per inch, DPI) equates to the size of one raster pixel. For Image Scale in inches, 1inch / 200 DPI= .005 per pixel For Image Scale in Millimeters, 25.4mm / 200 DPI = .127 per pixel For an image which has been scaled, using the AutoCAD scale command, the measured size of an individual pixel will be multiplied by that scale factor. The scale will be represented in the gInfo image properties as, for example, Image scale:  1 Inch = 10, representing an image which has been scaled up by a factor of 10. Then one pixel width, in inches, and at a Resolution of 200 DPI, equals .005 x 10 = .05 per pixel. The width of a raster line or a speckle is determined by the number pixels in that width. A user may predetermine an exact result by knowing the size of an individual pixel for use as a multiplier. 

Where is it?  

An image file, created from a scanned paper document, will attach in the AutoCAD environment at the same size as the paper document. That size measurement is shown in the gInfo properties list as Raster data limits, measured from lower left (LL) to upper right (UR). A paper sized image attached into an open vector drawing will be invisible if the drawing's scale is very large. A user might zoom and pan for a long while and never find the image. Having the gInfo properties displayed for the Raster data limits allows the image to be moved from, zoomed to, or scaled from it's registered coordinates.

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