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The purpose of this section is to serve as a dynamic product support knowledge base for GTX customers and partners. Read this section for information not only on GTX products, but also on the critical aspects of AutoCAD and Windows that relate to the successful installation and operation of GTX products.

Product Information
Information on the AutoCAD environment and information resources provided along with the GTXRaster CAD and GTXImage CAD series products.

GTXRaster CAD Series:
GTXRaster CAD Series 2020 for AutoCAD 2020
GTXRaster CAD Series 2019 for AutoCAD 2019
GTXRaster CAD Series 2018 for AutoCAD 2018
GTXRaster CAD Series 2017 for AutoCAD 2017
GTXRaster CAD Series 2016 for AutoCAD 2016
GTXRaster CAD Series 2015 for AutoCAD 2015
GTXRaster CAD Series 2014 for AutoCAD 2014
GTXRaster CAD Series 2013 for AutoCAD 2013
GTXRaster CAD Series 2012 for AutoCAD 2012
GTXRaster CAD Series 2011 for AutoCAD 2011
GTXRaster CAD Series 2010 for AutoCAD 2010
GTXRaster CAD Series V12.0 for AutoCAD 2009
GTXRaster CAD Series V11.5 for AutoCAD 2008
GTXRaster CAD Series V10.1 for AutoCAD 2007
GTXRaster CAD Series V9.1 for AutoCAD 2006

GTXImage CAD Series:
GTXImage CAD Series V21
GTXImage CAD Series V18
GTXImage CAD Series V14
GTXImage CAD Series V11.5

What you should know about GTX configuration, AutoCAD configuration, profiles, AutoCAD workspaces and menu configuration

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